Peter Boland:

Author, Editor, Publisher

Writing and publishing credentials:


In his roles as an author, commentator, editor and publisher, Dr. Boland has contributed more than 90 works to healthcare publications, including:

  • Accountable Care News

  • Business and Health

  • California Healthline

  • Compensation & Benefits Management

  • GHAA News

  • The Governance Institute

  • Health Affairs

  • Healthcare Financial Management

  • Healthcare Informatics

  • Healthcare Executive

  • HMO Magazine

  • Hospitals

  • Inquiry

  • Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

  • The Journal of Medical Practice Management

  • Managed Care

  • Managed Care Outlook

  • Managed Care Quarterly

  • Modern Healthcare

  • Physician Executive Journal

  • The Psychiatric Hospital

  • Trustee

Book Reviews:


  • “Healthcare at a Turning Point: A Roadmap for Change,” Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp.38-41 (2014).

  • ”The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care,“ Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 166-167 (2013).

  • “Prescription for Excellence: Leadership Lessons for Creating a World-Class Customer Experience from UCLA Health System” reviewed as “How a Large Hospital System Profited by Putting Patients First,” Managed Care, February 2013, pp. 47-48.

  • “Partners in Health: How Physicians and Hospitals Can Be Accountable Together,” Physician Executives Journal, May-June 2011, pp. 92-93.

Featured Article:


  • The Capitation Sourcebook: A Practical Guide to Managing At-Risk Arrangements

  • Redesigning Healthcare Delivery: A Practical Guide to Reengineering, Restructuring and Renewal

  • Physician Profiling and Risk Adjustment

  • Making Managed Healthcare Work: A Practical Guide to Strategies and Solutions

  • The New Healthcare Market: A Guide for Purchasers, Payers and Providers

Accountable Care Commentaries:


  • “Will Shared-Savings ACO Arrangements, Increased Market Share, and Lower Variable Costs Generate Enough Revenue for Hospitals to Offset Lost Utilization?,” Accountable Care News, November 2013, p. 9.

  • “Health Care Industry’s Moment of Truth Is Approaching,” Managed Care, November 2, 2013, pp. 1-3.

  • “ACOs May Be Learning Tool for Providers,” California Healthline, August 12, 2013, pp. 1-2.

  • Commentary on “The Coming Failure of Accountable Care” by Clayton Christensen, Accountable Care News, March 2013, p. 10.

  • “A Rational Alternative” based on the article: “Hospital at Home Save 19% In Real-World Study: Compelling Findings, But Replicable in Other Systems?", Managed Care, November 2012, p. 27.

  • Interview: “Catching Up with Peter Boland,” Accountable Care News, October 2012, pp. 11-12.

  • “Given the conflicting incentives of ACO and other FFS lines of business, how are providers managing the transition?,” Accountable Care News, September 2012, p. 9.

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  • “What do you see as the single greatest challenge for the ACO movement in 2012?,” Accountable Care News, January 2012, p. 9.

  • “Accountability in Governance,” (Special Issue: Expert Commentary on CMS, FTC/DOJ/IRS and OIG ACO Regulation/Guidance), Accountable Care News, April 2011, pp. 5, 16.

  • “Accountable Care Organizations Hold Promise, But Will They Achieve Cost and Quality Targets?,” Managed Care, October 2010, pp. 12-19.