Peter Boland: Meeting Facilitator

Peter Boland introduces difficult subjects thoughtfully. As a facilitator, he helps companies clarify strategic direction and how to refocus assets on consumer and employer priorities. Dr. Boland has facilitated numerous annual retreats for Boards of Directors and senior management teams. His executive workshops are designed to accelerate the learning process of senior managers and enhance the effectiveness of Boards of Directors in guiding institutional change. He can focus on leadership challenges facing the organization as well as more narrow mission-critical issues such as strategic direction and payment methodology.


Peter always stretches our managers and our company's thinking. He combines industry expertise with a unique blend of insight, intelligence, and an inquisitive and provocative approach. While facilitating company strategy and planning sessions, he challenges participants to first think strategically, then create and execute effective plans.

Michael Henry, President and CEO of CAPP Care, Newport Beach, CA


Peter has a wealth of knowledge about the healthcare industry, drawn from experience over many years. Since history seems to be repeating itself in many ways, e.g., the return to risk contracting, Peter's long view and deep experience is invaluable.

Don Crane, President and CEO, CAPG, Los Angeles, CA